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The pictures were taken by photographer Craig Elliott for Black Falcon Media on the weekend of April 23/24 2001 using a Nikon 950 coolpix with a 180 degree fish eye lens.Most of the pictures used were taken on the Sunday. There was rain showers through the day.The Average file size of the large is 500k and the small is 150k. The camera was supplied by Conns Cameras, Grafton Street Arcade, Dublin 2.
There were three pictures taken from each location at 120 degree intervals.A standard Manfoto tripod was used and this has led to slight parallax errors in some shots which is unavoidable. The pictures were then stitched together by Dave O Meara using a software designed by Helmut Dersch.
The site was designed by Black Falcon Media and is maintained by Cregor News.All graphics pictures and content are covered by copyright(see seperate notice).

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