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    Viewer Instructions:
  • Click and move the mouse to pan and tilt
  • While panning, use control and shift keys to zoom in and out.
  • Alternatively, use the arrow keys for panning and tilting in fixed increments.
  • Use + and -, or > and < keys to zoom in fixed increments.
  • Press the space bar to make hotspots visible; repress to hide them again
  • While over hotspot, click the mouse or press enter to jump to link.

To view the pictures you will need to have java enabled on your browser.

In Netscape open the EDIT menu and choose PREFERENCES.In the menu that appears click on the ADVANCED tab under CATEGORY and check the ENABLE JAVA box.

Users of Internet Explorer should open the TOOLS menu and click on INTERNET OPTIONS. Click on the ADVANCED tab.Scroll down and check the box that says JIT COMPILER. You will need to restart your computer before the changes are implemented with IE.

The viewer doesn't appear to work on windows 95
There are no problems with Firefox, or when running Microsoft XP